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Manifesto of Pathos:
A Reaction to Reading Marinetti’s Manifesto of Futurism

1). I love the overly refined, the effete, the decorative excess of the rococo.
2). I love the sadness that lies at the bottom of everything.
3). I love the decay that seeps into the cracks of optimism and vitality.
4). I love the pallid, the insipid, the pathetic, and the absurd.
5). I love the alexandrianism of the exhausted civilization.
6). I love the loser, the feckless, the ugly, the awkward, the fearful, and the meek.
7). I love cracking, peeling, leaking, bulging, and rotting.
8). I love the anachronism, the recondite, the arcane, the esoteric.
9). I love kitsch - the sad clown, trolls, big-eyed art, creepy dolls, cheap figurines, cute puppies and bunnies.
10). I love the sweetness of oblivion.
11). I love the subversive, the inverted, the rebellious, and the alienated.
12). I feel rancid despair over the savage inequity of the world.
13). I feel impotent rage at the unsubstantiated hubris of masculinity, and utter contempt for the instinctive brutality of the patriarchy.
14). I love the languorousness of femininity.
15). I love the bittersweet, ridiculous sadness of pathos - especially when it is just about to step over the line into bathos.

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